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We offer two types of Specialist Comprehensive Consultations


  • In-Person
    Meeting Dr. Emanuele Cicero either in Rome or London, where he will take X-rays, Diagnostic Impressions, Extra Oral and Intra Oral photographs, followed by a Dentofacial assessment and smile analysis. All questions will be answered and the new smile design will be discussed with the patient.


  • Virtual
    FaceTime (+39 3519896687)
    Whatsapp (+1 6175139554)
    Your virtual comprehensive consultation will be with Dr. Emanuele Cicero.
    After the virtual comprehensive consultation you will be sent a plan which will include the number of visits, timeline and cost of treatment.


Piazza Euclide, 2
00197 Rome

+39 3519896687


725 Fulham Road
London SW65UL

Email: [email protected]

+39 3519896687


Tufts University
School of Dental Medicine

Teaching and Research

1 Kneeland street
Boston, MA 02111, Stati Uniti

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