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Smile Makeover. Your new smile in 10 days.

Smile Makeover is a treatment performed to improve the smile. What if we told you we can offer you the smile you’ve always dreamed of in just a few days? What is smile makeover? Smile makeover improves both appearance and health of teeth  and gums with  a series 

How to take care of dental veneers - Emanuele Cicero dentist in Rome

How to take care of dental veneers

Often our patients wonder how they can keep their dental veneers in perfect conditions. Several precautions must be taken to best preserve your smile, in this article we will analyze them in detail.    What are dental veneers?   Dental veneers are used to correct and improve teeth form,

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Covid, how to safely visit the dentist.

The Covid-19 pandemic has confronted dentists worldwide with the need to constantly be available for our patients by providing all the necessary guarantees to make you feel safe. This was possible thanks to a meticulous organization of the patients’ access process within the Clinic. We put

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Complete Dentures. How to choose among different types of dentures

Dental bone loss can be a functional and personal problem, dentures solve this situation, allowing you to smile again and regain dental functions. There are complete and partial dentures, removable and fixed dentures, depending on the needs of each person's oral situation. Contact dr. Emanuele Cicero for

I consigli per un sorriso perfetto - Emanuele Cicero dentista

How to have the Perfect Smile: Tips and tricks from the Specialist

Smiling is our business card, which gives us self – confidence, happiness and overall health. We can really say that a good smile boosts our personality. Let us show you how you can treat your teeth and obtain a surprising final outcome. The dentist is someone who is

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