Covid, how to safely visit the dentist.

covid dentist safety

Covid, how to safely visit the dentist.

The Covid-19 pandemic has confronted dentists worldwide with the need to constantly be available for our patients by providing all the necessary guarantees to make you feel safe.

This was possible thanks to a meticulous organization of the patients’ access process within the Clinic. We put ourselves in the shoes of our patients while designing a safe path that avoided waste of time and unnecessary waiting.

The sanitizing procedures operated in our Clinic

We have applied rigorous procedures of sanitation within our Clinic.
At the end of each visit, all the instruments are placed in a decontaminating solution and sterilized, also, any surface that has come into contact with the patient is thoroughly sanitized.

During the visit, Dr. Emanuele Cicero and his assistants use two different types of overlapping masks: one FFP2 and one surgical, as well as the protective visor. The doctor and his staff also cover the body with protective suits and disposable gloves.

Is going to the dentist during the Covid-19 period a safe practice? Absolutely yes!

Suffice it to say that, from a study conducted by BMC Health Services Research, on 2798 Italian dental hygienists, only 0.25% tested positive for Covid-19. Demonstrating the extreme attention within the category towards the topic.

But let’s not forget that dentists have always followed a strict hygiene protocol even before the epidemiological crisis from Covid-19.

In fact, those who work in a dental office have always been exposed to biological risks which require attention to all the procedures related to reducing the risk of contagion.

Containment measures at the dentist and outside the Clinic

As we know, all health structures, public and private, remain operational, so you can regularly visit the dentist. 

Neglecting dental health can lead to worsening of otherwise easily resolved oral situations, and may require additional interventions and expenses.

Within our clinic we have arranged the waiting room seats at a safe distance, reducing the flow into the room. We ask our patients to wear a mask and to sanitize their hands before entering the room. The most important rule always applies: if you have fever, symptoms or are in quarantine or home isolation you must not leave your home, not even for a medical visit booked months before! Chiediamo ai nostri pazienti di indossare la mascherina e di igienizzare le mani prima di entrare in sala.

Online consultation

We have optimized all our resources to give you full availability to our professional time, in fact we are always available for a “virtual” consultation.
Contact us on our website and tell us your problem, we will review your case and we will evaluate together treatment and procedures.
Dr. Emanuele Cicero and his staff have an approach of total transparency and professionalism, with us you can smile again!


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